Renewable energy is energy that is generated from natural processes that are continuously replenished. They will not be vanished from the earth .Renewal energy system produce less greenhouse emission as compared to fossil fuel energy system .They are considered as green energy and clean energy. Soon these energy will become primary resources in our daily life .

Types of Renewable energy


1 solar energy                                                      2 wind energy                        3 Energy from biomass and biogas

4 Ocean thermal energy conversion              5 Tidal energy                        6 Geothermal energy

7 Hydrogen energy                                            8 fuel cell                                 9 Thermionic converter

10 Thermo-electric power

Geothermal Energy

This is one is the very interesting sources of energy ,in it as we travel down the earth surface radially ,there exit a temperature gradient of 0.003 degree per meter . Thus 30 degree celsius increase when we go per kilometer depth from earth surface ,while going downward there are many local hot spots below the surface where temperature are much higher than expected.When groundwater come in connect with these hot spots dry or wet steam is formed ,by drilling hole in a length these hot water and streams can be trapped and these can be used in generating power .

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It is one of the cheapest way and its also delivers great amount of net energy from its system as compared to many other alternative resources.As,it is available under the ground its is inexhaustible as compare to wind and solar energy .

Solar Energy

Solar energy ,is process in which energy is generated by heat of sun .To use this energy we need  solar plane etc which will help us to convert energy. Its has very good advantages that is don’t contaminate environment.

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Wind Energy

Wind energy, is process by which wind is used to generate electricity .Wind contains kinetic energy which can be converted into electrical energy .This process is done with the help of windmill . Wind power system is non-polluting have no adverse effects on environment.Its is ideally choice for rural and remote areas which lack for other resources .no fuel or an types of transportation is required in conversion system. .

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Sources /origins of wind

There are two types of natural phenomenon from which wind is generated :

1 Local winds: These wind are caused due to the unequal heating and cooling of ground surfaces and ocean/lake during day and night time.

2 Planetary wind : These wind are caused due to the rotation of earth around its axis and unequal temperature between polar regions and equatorial regions

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy ,its is process in which energy is generated with the help of “TIDE” in ocean.TIDE,is rise and fall of water leave of sea which is carried out by the action of sun and moon on water of the earth . In it energy can be converted in low tide as well as high tide .This types of energy conversion is very popular at coastal area. It does not required any land area.


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Fuel Cell

Fuel cell,devices that convert the chemical energy into electricity by electrochemical reaction . Fuel cells are used in a wide range of portable, stationary and transport applications, from battery chargers to home heating and power to cars. Arguably, fuel cells represent the most versatile energy solution ever invented. Here you can find more information about the history and commercial applications of fuel cells.

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Biomass is an organic matter from plant ,animals and microorganism grown on land and  water .The energy obtained from biomass is called biomass energy . They are produced from dead,buried biomass under pressure and temperature buring millions of years.    There are many resources from which biomass can be obtained they are municipal solid ,sewage wood products, industrial waste, crop residue  .

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Advantage of renewable energy

Installation and maintenance are easy ,These energy are recur in nature and are inexhaustible,They don’t required any fuel so there cost is negligible ,As they are low in density there is no or more pollution ,These resources can help to create local employment,now since conversion technology tends to be flexible and modular ,renewal energy can usually be rapied employed.


As there are number of renewal energy ,but these are the top renewable energy  which will be used in great amount in future and slowly for secondary resources they will become the primary resources in our life .Some of these resources are making a great impact  in human life because where every these resources are  been used they are creating pollution free environment and putting good impact on human life ,so we should adopt these resources as soon as possible .



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