It is very important to buy an external hard drive,when we are working with lot of files and documents which are large in size .Before buying we need to take care of following things.



When looking for the best external hard drive or storage solutions we need to make sure  about capacity because we don’t want to run out of the space and nor we want to pay extra for storage.

You’ll also want to think about data transfer speeds – if you’re moving a lot of large files to your external hard drive then you’ll want something that can move them quickly.


We also need at drive where we can transfer data at maximum speed ,when dealing to large files etc.

However, the best external hard drives are also reliable and dependable, so that we can store our data or backup. The best external drives will be portable, with large capacities and robust designs that keep your data safe when they are being moved around.

There’s a huge range of external hard drives as per requirement.

1 Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5 TB

2 Western Digital My Passport 4TB. Fast speeds.

3 A data SD700 External SSD. A terabyte in the palm of your hand

Western Digital My Passport wireless 

5 La Cie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4 TB

6 i Storage disk asus 2 TB

7 Buffalo Mini Station Extreme N F C


1 An external hard drive can be used as an emergency backup drive. Sometimes hard drives crash, so having a backup is essential if you depend on your computer for work or for personal needs.

2 If you use external drive as your main drive, you can speed up the performance of Macs with slower internal drives.

3 External hard drive is portable and operates on plug and play basis. It can be used as a storage device for any computer with a USB or Fire Wire capability.

4 External hard drives are often cheaper than their internal counterparts because some drives are older generation models shipped in slick cases.

5 External drives can be shuttled around easily. This makes secure transfer of large amounts of data trivial and allows for swift removal from dangerous locations (for instance, from oncoming storms, fires, or floods).

6 External drives are the easiest mass storage solution to install. Rather than opening up your machine’s case, just plug in the cables.









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