Almost everyone, who carries a smartphone, understands the importance of earphone.This is not just a gadget that can enhance a single functionality for any specific work. Having earphones for your smartphone can allow us to do many task.

Everyone wants to listen music  ,as it has great impact on our life some stay motivated and some time they become more productive while doing some work .Now Days music have become very important part of our life as technology have brought many things through which we can listen music .One of the important thing is EARPHONES .

Listening to music with speaker is always a choice who love music ,but loudspeaker cannot be used all the time .Now earphones are the best option because it will not disturb any one .

Advantages Of Earphones

  1. Ease Of Use: If you are using Bluetooth headphones then you can make calls, receive alerts and do much more with it. When you are listening to the music, you can change, pause and play music anytime without even touching your smart  phone.
  2. Portability: There is a huge range of the wired and wireless earphone available on the market. Both kinds of earphones will offer you the advantage of portability. You can carry them wherever you want with you.
  3. Speed: playback commands and performance speed are highly appreciable in earplugs. You can enjoy using all features with the quickest speed. You wouldn’t feel any kind of lack in performance when you use it with your device.
  4. Comfort: Ear buds are highly comfortable for your ears. You can enjoy listening to the music continuously without feeling any kind of discomfort in your ears. For this reason, this is considered to be the best choice for people who like to travel a lot.  

How and when to use earphone when you are walking or at work?

Tips how to use earphones 

  •  Volume – Keep your music at a low volume. Not only will your ears be better for it, but your work neighbors won’t be disturbed by your music.
  • Be Safe – Whenever wearing headphones, make sure you are safe. It’s never a good idea to wear earphones in an environment where they could impact safety.

If your job is acceptable to earphones, then by all means bring your music and create your own personal work environment.

Tuning into your music will boost you up, as well as help you stay on task.

Set Expectations That You Are Occupied

When we put on earphones , we set an expectation that we working or busy in deep thought.People will be less interested to interrupt us when earphone are on .

Motivate Yourself

Music can be a great motivator.It can also boost up our energy and mood ,always keep your inspirational music close to hand.


When you are doing task or concentrating on tough job ,you always think of not to be distracted by chat etc,so let music play its role at that time .

Earphones On, Music Up




Boat Bass Heads 100 in-Ear Headphones  with Mic (Black)


Zebronics ZEB-EM910 Wired Headset with Mic

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