Ways to improve education

Educations always plays one of the most important role in country development. That is why all most all countries spend large amount of the GDP on education and health sector.Developed countries enrolled themselves around 90% in formal education whereas India it is low as compared to developed countries.There are many ways to we can improve education system .

Ways to Improve Education System In India

1. Replace the old syllabus 

      Most of the State, Central board and Universities in India follow old syllabus, which is not relevant as per the modern world. Most of the Indian students are not able to cope up with the modern world just because of the same. To improve the same, the colleges & the government schools must focus on better enhancement of syllabus, so that the same must match up with the present modern education criteria as well.

2. Career – Focused System

     It is one of the most important part of education system, as the skill-based education system should be there for students, so that they can enhance their technical skill and which will help them in future. With the better knowledge about the education, if they want to proceed for their further studies, they can do so even that.

3.  Educating the Parents

Educating parents and making them well aware about education system is also the best part, which the children can do. It also enhances their own knowledge as well.

4.  More Focus on Rural Education

As we are aware that most of the population in India resides in rural area & as a result they remain unaware about the education system. The main focus should be on these areas, so that they can get proper education as they will contribute in development of country too..

5.  More Technical Institutions

Technology has become an important part of the modern generation. Students should start getting the basic level of a technical education from their school itself first. The bigger organizations are looking for more highly skilled people, who have good technical knowledge. The government should also focus on building technical colleges.

6. Focus On Public-Private Partnership

We are also aware that, many private schools and colleges provide high class education so that they can be at a top list in education market. As a result of which larger number of students will be able to get admissions accordingly. But, still only some of the people can only afford to get admissions in these organisations. Government schools and colleges should update themselves in education system & make them or they should opt for private partnership to provide high quality education.

7. Good Career Counselling

       Most of the students find difficulties to choose the right career for themselves. The teachers should provide regular career counselling to the students Good career counseling will help the students to choose their perfect career for themselves.

8. Regular Training of the Teachers

Teachers training should be done on regular bases. Reviews and feedback should be taken from students regarding their teachers as well.     As a result, it will help in delivering the good education to students.

9.  Good Support And Health Education

      The government should focus on providing health based education to the students at a starting level itself.  The teachers should also provide the good quality support to the students.  Accordingly, these things will help the students to overcome their weaknesses.

Conclusion : 

      These small things can be done to improve the current education system in India. The modern students are looking for world-class education to enrich their capabilities.

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